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SLC Sementes Field Day

In a partnership between SLC Agrícola, Brasmax and Monsoy, the event was attended by 215 people.


The productivity of a crop begins with the seeds

No input contributes as much to the construction of good productivity as the seed does. In addition to bringing all the technology of genetic impro...


Resistance to Indian goosegrass is the subject of the IMAmt Technical Circular

Indian goosegrass (E. indica) is highly adaptable to the climate and soil of Mato Grosso, besides being the host to several pathogens that attack c...


SLC Agrícola in the magazine Meio Ambiente Industrial

In an interview with the magazine Meio Ambiente Industrial, the director of HR and Sustainability at SLC Agrícola, Álvaro Dilli emphasizes the impo...


Challenges and opportunities in the inoculation of soybean seeds to obtain high productivity.

Modern agriculture is dynamic and complex and there are often challenging questions about currently recommended cultivation and management practice...


Update of production costs in Mato Grosso

The production cost of soybean 19/20 in Mato Grosso for the month of March/19 was updated by Imea.